“I Wanted Something to remember The Day by.”

I loved the day we spent searching for this old ghost town in New Mexico, in a little red car, just enjoying each other’s company. He and I could spend days on end together and never run out of things to talk about. I’d never felt a connection like that with anyone.

When we finally found it, the old silver-mining town was completely abandoned, just falling-down buildings in the desert. We didn’t take any photos, and I wanted something to remember the day by, just to, you know, bring a little piece of it home. So as we were walking and kicking up dust, I’d pick up an old bent nail or a piece of wood and put it in my pocket.

I think these nails and splinters mean more now that the relationship’s over. Originally, they were about us exploring this really cool mining town. But the town is over, and so is our relationship, and I cherish these fragments, these fragments of a ghost town.

Jackie Mock
Artist, New York, NY

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