What We Keep has been featured in dozens of magazines, websites, podcasts, and radio programs. 

“From the former editor-in-chief of Life magazine comes this gorgeous photo collection of everyday things that people hold dear. A combination of fascinating interviews and photographs introduce readers to the most personal items owned by notable individuals including Cheryl Strayed, Melinda Gates, and Mark Cuban, all while examining the reasons we consider certain possessions invaluable."

Real Simple, “The Best Books of 2018 (So Far)”

"Our no-fail host gift? A book that's instantly absorbing yet easy to dip in and out of. This season, that book is What We Keep, a collection of interviews with a cast of personalities — some famous, others merely fascinating — about the objects they cherish above all others."

Sunset magazine

"[A] moving new book, What We Keep, offers a meditation on the distinctly human need to find meaning in the inanimate.”

Fast Company

"What's your most prized possession and why? In this delightful volume, 150 people share photos and musings on their favorite treasures." 

People magazine